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I am the author and/or co-author of seven books - The Battle-Ravens and The Christmas Mink, published by Rascal Press, and five books with Anne Ford - Laughing Allegra, On Their Own, A Special Mother published by HarperCollins, and The Forgotten Child and The Stigmatized Child from Capri Island Publications. 


The Battle-Ravens


Legend tells us the Irish saint Brendan the Navigator was the first European to discover North America.  We now learn he had a motive for doing so, to bring an unhatched egg to the farthest reaches of the earth where it would never be discovered - but it is discovered, and something terrible is born.  In a small town in New England, a young woman named Raeven is forced through chance and prophesy to take on the role of dragon-slayer once reserved for the medieval knights of old.  In doing so, she must first attempt to slay the dragons within, the internal dragons of fear and self-doubt that have so far kept her from becoming the person she was meant to be. 


The Christmas Mink


In this whimsical collection of Christmas stories and poems from the snowy north woods of New England, see the season in a new light and find the holiday spirit in unlikely places – in Siberia...from the tail of the Christmas Comet...or even your own tree.

Join curmudgeonly old woodsmen, a lively bunch of ornaments, a congress of caroling animals, a horde of helpful mice and one grandiose moose in these rousing December tales certain to please both cynic and celebrant alike!




Since 2001, Anne Ford and I have written four books for parents of children and adults with learning disabilities.  In addition to the books, we have traveled the country speaking at over one hundred parent groups, professional conferences, bookstores, and corporations.  


Laughing Allegra
Blending memoir with self-help, the remarkably honest and inspiring story about the struggle and triumph of raising a child with learning disabilities, by the great-granddaughter of Henry Ford and the Chairman Emeritus of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.


"This poignant, intimate portrait of the author's daughter and her constant battle with serious learning disabilities opens an often hidden world and illuminates the many ways learning disabilities shape the lives of entire families."

                                                                                - Publishers Weekly


On Their Own

An indispensable guide to the special challenges faced by parents of learning-disabled children as they enter adulthood, by the author of Laughing Allegra, a leading activist and parent of an adult child with LD..


"Having met the challenges of a child with learning disabilities head-on, On Their Own is the perfect guide to help the rest of us see our children through the transitions they will meet throughout life.  The strength, compassion, concern, and practical advice shared in On Their Own are an inspiration and a godsend."

                                - Henry Winkler, author of the Hank Zipzer books



A Special Mother
From the author of Laughing Allegra and On their Own, a reassuring and invaluable book filled with personal stories and practical guidance to help parents of a child just diagnosed with a learning disability or related disorder. 
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