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John-Richard Thompson is the author of The Battle-Ravens and The Christmas Mink: December Tales from the North Woods, published by Osiail Publishing and Rascal Press.  He is also co-author of four nonfiction books on learning disabilities with Anne Ford, great-granddaughter of Henry Ford: Laughing Allegra, On Their Own, A Special Mother, The Forgotten Child and, most recently, The Stigmatized Child (all published by HarperCollins and Capri Island Publications).  Together they have traveled the country to bring their message of advocacy to corporations, parent organizations and schools.   He is also an award-winning playwright and theater director, with numerous New York City productions including Angel Mountain, Water Sheerie, 18 Rabbit (Andhow Theater Company), Little Death (Zipper Theater), Kleynkunst (New York and Minneapolis), Rain House (Theater M), That’s Amore (NYC, Dallas, TX), Cities of Light (Center for Jewish History, NYC; Warsaw, Poland; Tel Aviv Israel), Caruso and Crazy World (Cornelius Productions). and Frenchy (NYC)  He is a two-time Bistro Award winner from Backstage Magazine and recipient of the MAC Award from the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs for his avant-garde theater pieces Erik and the Snowmaidens and Indigo Rat.  Originally from New Hampshire, he divides his time as best he can between his remote cabin in N.H. and New York City.   

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